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New Version Coming Along ( screen captures available )

Netropolis indexes the files shared on a LAN and allows access to them through a web-based front end. Only one computer running Netropolis can give everyone on that LAN access to very fast network-wide searching. Made using mod_perl, DBI and Samba.

This client is for those using operating systems/browsers which do not natively support SMB address handling.


  • Easy to configure and customize
  • Fast searches even on a large network
  • Limit searches by file type
  • Match all and match any searches
  • Order search results by name, popularity, and size
  • Uptime statistics for each computer


  • Perl (built using 5.6 - hasn't been tested with < 5.6, but should work)
  • A database server supported by DBD ( tested with Postgres only, note: Mysql does not work with Netropolis in the current release )
  • mod_perl
  • A mod_perl capable webserver ( tested with Apache )
  • Samba

Screen shots

Go to Netropolis's SourceForge project page

More Information
See the README file.

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